READ FIRST!! [Short Stories for Saturday Rules]

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READ FIRST!! [Short Stories for Saturday Rules]

Post by ccTV on Fri Jul 18, 2008 9:55 pm

Okay, this forum is for you creative writers.
Each week I will choose a theme, and you guys will write a short story with my theme.
I will be judging the stories. On Saturday, I'll choose who's story wins.

The winner will get a "great writer" icon under their avatar. =]
Which looks something like this:

If you're going to fool around and make a ten sentence story, don't bother.
I'll delete your post. ):<


1) Your story must be much like a woman's skirt: Short enough to make it interesting, but long enough to cover the essentials. =] I don't want to read a story and feel like I've wasted two minutes of my life. But I don't want a story that's ten pages long.

2) Post your story in a thread in THIS forum. If it is anywhere else, even in a PM, I won't read it. Your thread title should look like this-- [theme] : Title
[Tragedy] : Romeo and Juliet

3) No matter what the theme is, all stories MUST be PG-13. Anything that I think is too explicit in anyway will be disqualified.

4) The latest you can submit a story is one week after the due date. After that, I might not read it. Don't let a due date discourage you. =]
Please note that if you submit an story after it's due date, you won't win anything unless it's absolutely astonishing. Mkay?

5) Any posts other than short stories in this forum will be moved or deleted without notice.

O: I'm excited to read your stories.
Post any questions in this thread.
Spam will be deleted.

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Re: READ FIRST!! [Short Stories for Saturday Rules]

Post by morv on Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:16 pm

whats the theme?

Answer: You can find the theme in the forum's description. And I've posted it as a sticky here

thanks a lot you are a real help ccTV
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